Vase - Heart

299 kr 449 kr

Soulful and beautiful, our heart-shaped vase is the perfect place to store your dearest flowers. Its elegant design with dimensions of 15 x 8 x 11 cm brings out your creativity when creating stunning floral arrangements. The smooth shape and high-quality materials bring a timeless sense of romance and tenderness to your home. With this vase, your flowers become a symbol of love and friendship. Let your heart speak through this gorgeous vase that enhances the beauty of each flower.

  • Can the order be tracked?

    Yes, all our orders that we send out you will be able to track all the way.

  • How long does it take before my order is shipped?
    We try to ship your order within 4 working days (longer time may occur). Orders placed on the weekend are sent the following Monday at the earliest.
  • What does the 2-month quality guarantee mean?
    We offer a 2-month quality guarantee, which means that should your product lose its quality, contact us and we will send out a new product or make a full refund.

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